Accessibility Page Corrections

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Review Summary

This page contains the information regarding the review that was conducted on the Accessibility page. It is broken up into three sections, needed HTML corrections, needed CSS corrections, and needed accessibility corrections.

HTML Issues and Corrections

How many errors were found: 7 errors found.
What errors were found & What was done to correct the errors.

Document checking completed. No errors or warnings to show.

Accessibility Issues and Corrections

Under each heading, you will need to utilize appropriate elements to display the following information:
How many errors were found: 12
What errors were found and What was done to correct the errors

Evaluate and correct any accessibility issues by doing the following: Use the WAVE accessibility evaluator to identify all the accessibility errors, contrast errors, and alerts. Be sure to document the errors and what was done to fix the issues on the index.html page.

Final results for accessibility.html from
Congratulations! No errors were detected! Manual testing is still necessary to ensure compliance and optimal accessibility