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Trapped Green house gases are what we are blaming the rising temperature on. One of the biggest contributors to green house gases is burning of coal for power. Germany for example recently has declared that it will be shutting down all 84 of its coal plants! And get this, “The decision to quit coal follows an earlier bold energy policy move by the German government, which decided to shut down all of its nuclear power plants by 2022 in the wake of Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011.” (Kirschbaum, E, 2019). They say that is water clouds being evaporated to cool the coal power plants in the picture below. I think they may be confusing nuclear power cooling that does require a lot of water and does make a lot of clouds. I am not certain coal plants are cooled by water though. If they are it will be interesting to see how that effects the average rainfall in Germany and surrounding areas.

I'd like to ask if its a simple matter of a increase in heat production, then lets consider google has 6 dedicated nuclear power plants, twitter has 7! The list goes on... Do you know how many Amazon has? That is a lot of power. Google uses more power than Phoenix AZ! That is a lot of extra heat... Then how about how many times we break through the earths atmosphere? Sure we as a people (globally) only sent people to space a handful of times. Though do you know how many nonmanned crafts that have broke through that barrier? Tesla intends to send 46,000 satelites into space to orbit our planet so everyone can have good internet, and probably so he can have camera's everywhere and communication everyone. And whatever good for him and us, though is it? This activity has increased a lot during the temperature increase as well. Just something I've been thinking about, because space travel shouldn't be that expensive if we didn't have to "break" through the barrier to get out. We could just fly like regular jets slightly up then horizontally to space and use a lot less fuel that straight up... Though I haven't looked into that theory at all yet...

Picture of coal power plants in Germany
Picture of coal power plants in Germany: Coalpowerplant.jpg (Kirschbaum, E, 2019).

A table of the top Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sources

Major Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Carbon Dioxide Fossil fuel Carbon Dioxide forestry land use Methane Nitrous Oxide
65% 11% 16% 6%

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