How does deforestation effect global warming

The short answer is simple math of volume of shade loss but big picture. In the shade its at least 10 degrees cooler than directly in the sun. If as far as you can see was forest there would be a lot of 3D shade. Trees like us, don’t just convert 1 gas into another, but convert many gases. Then there is the humidity factors on temperature. I know very humid areas seem hotter, though there actual temperature is lower with the moisture because the moisture actually absorbs a lot of heat. Example go to San Diego and it will be about 70 degree’s, go inland where its dry, same elevation and it can be 120 degrees.

Image of Deforestation

Image Deforestation (Huzar, 2020)

Commercial farming effects on global warming

Many people at first wouldn’t think farming may have any negative effect on global warming. One report made in conjunction with the University of Minnesota and some various organizations including one that calls itself Devil (Delivering food security on limited land), goes to say, “Agriculture, deforestation and other land use account for roughly 20 percent of all GHG emissions… In this report, we consider emissions from just part of the global food system: deforestation and agricultural management. The share of emissions from transportation of products in the global food supply chain, packaging, and food waste, for example, are important but not included here. When these activities are also considered, the global food system accounts for roughly 30 percent of global emissions.” (How does agriculture change our climate. N.D.)

Image of commercial farming of chickens

Image close quarter commercial farming of chickens: Valbuena, J. (2008 April)

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Image Deforestation
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