Welcome to my Tech Tips Site!

Welcome to my Tech Tips Site!

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Disclaimer I made these Windows Server videos in a fictitional/simulation environment, no real people or company data is used!

Sudo begin... Legacy Quote: The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. I hope you enjoy checking out my tech tip site, I keep a lot of my generalized notes here. There is a wealth of tech knowledge embedded in these pages. I plan to keep updating it and organizing it better as I go. You may notice the background code move a little bit on you as your scroll through the page. That is a intended special effect caused by this text that increases and decreases the wrappers height. PS the background is the code I wrote to make the page you see before you. A sneak peak into what this site contains... runas /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME cmd PASSWORD ipconfig /allcompartments /all && route print && netstat -boa && perfmon /rel && dxidag && appwiz.cpl && services.msc && resmon && psexec \\computername -c -i -h "\\networkpathofprogramtoinstall.exeect" && msconfig && netplwiz
shutdown /r /f /m \\FQDNCOMPUTERNAME comment last part restarts the computer. I have pages of notes with descriptions of what these and much more does. The Rijndael Block Cipher is resistant to all known attacks [but that doesn't imply it protects from all layers of attacks]. Do you enjoy what your reading? That's knowledge. Please tech-support responsibly, be the kind of tech, you'd hope for! Always do your best and your best will get better.

Here is some of the videos I made

Recently added an active directory domain on the server to manage network resources centrally...

Increase authentication security of the domain: UAC settings Default Domain policy active directory DC.

Increasing network security by implementing application whitelisting in a call center

How to update a employee name change in Linux OpenSuse by editing the user account.

Implement backups to protect valuable data, Also keep a windows 7 compatible backup

How to: Add a web server that runs services that need to be accessible from the internet. NSA DMZ...

Implement an audit policy for all workstations. Audit user logon attempts to log on and...

Increase the networking closet's security by implementing a cctv system with ip cameras part 1 of 2

Here is over 100 Tech Type Videos I made.

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